We offer guaranteed destruction and erasure services that meet or exceed NIST 800-88 and Department of Defense 5220.22-M guidelines.


Tier 1: FREE 1-Pass wipes for all electronics/hard drives recycled

Zero pass wipe: overwrites entire drive with zeros. Appropriate for most situations.

Tier 2: $7/HDD Drive is overwritten with zeros and a Certificate of Destruction is provided. 

Perfect for small/medium sized business with minimal compliancy or regulatory requirements.

Tier 3: $9/HDD 7-Pass wipes with Certificate of Data Destruction.*

Perfect for MSPs and any business worried about their electronic data. Unrecoverable.

Tier 4: $12/HDD Complete Platter Destruction and recycling of hard drive with Certificate of Data Destruction.* 

Best solution to ensure data is completely destroyed.

*HIPAA Compliant process. Drives are either completely destroy or data is made unrecoverable.

All hard drives are either recycled or reused for salvage parts, unless otherwise requested (Tier 4).



All HDs are placed in a secure lockbox and transported to our location for off-site destruction.

On-site destruction is also available for a nominal surcharge.

All HDs that have not been removed from their devices prior to pick up will be charged an additional $5 per device.

On-site destruction is only available for hard drives that have already been removed.

All recycled and released devices and drives must be signed off on our “RELEASE OF OWNERSHIP AND DATA LIABILITY” form.

Form is signed at time of pick up.

**Free pick ups have limitations on quantity and distance. Please call for a quote.