At COMPCO LLC, every mobile device, tablet, and personal computer repair undergoes a thorough 15-24 point quality control inspection (amount depends on device). For our service repairs, each device goes through a pre-checklist to determine exactly what is and isn't working before being serviced. The service repair will then receive a post-checklist indicating exactly what was repaired and the condition of each piece of hardware. Your repairs are performed by our certified technicians in an ESD safe (electrostatic discharge) environment.

COMPCO refurbished computers and devices experience this same procedure. Each and every product sold undergoes a full hardware diagnostics, as well as quality control. Buyers of our products also receive a quality control checklist, personally signed off by their "QC" technician. Part of this quality control is optimization. We optimize your device to perform to just like the day you bought it! Finally, before you receive your device back, COMPCO professionally cleans your device using the safest cleaning products designed for electronics.

This is all backed by our COMPCO warranty of service. Our warranty DOES NOT cover physical damage. Returns are allowed within 30 days of sale. Anything after 30 days may be backed by our 90 day warranty (certain restrictions apply). This warranty validates all internal parts to be working for up to 90 days. This may or may NOT include hard drive failure, battery failure, or adapter/charger failure. All other hardware issues will be assessed by our team of professionals, and if deemed defective, it will be replaced under warranty.

Globalization has made the world a smaller place connecting people through their phones, tablets and personal computers. Compco understands the importance of establishing and maintaining this connectivity.  Launched to provide an unparalleled experience for customers in the consumer electronics industry, we guarantee all of our products with the Compco warranty. Whether you're looking for an upgrade, are dealing with a virus or need to repair a cracked screen, you can trust Compco technicians to be resourceful and provide reliable, exceptional service.