COMPCO is your go-to destination for the collection, dismantling, and responsible recycling of all of your e-waste. It is of the utmost importance to sustain a clean environment and to never illegally export or landfill focus materials.

We are committed to helping your company attain sustainability goals and diminishing your risk of negative press and legal recourse due to security breaches.  Every item recycled has a zero-pass wipe to destroy all sensitive data. Other data destruction options available.

You can be rest assured that all of your e-waste will either be broken down, components repurposed, responsibly recycled or refurbished. Unusable components are recycled responsibly and thrown away, exacerbating the world's growing problem of landfill build-up.

For pick-up pricing please speak with one of our representatives. Limitations on quantity and distance apply.



Here at COMPCO, we efficiently liquidate, dispose, and erase all of your data to ascertain your complete security, privacy, and to provide you with the best returns.

We are your go-to resource for excess and/or obsolete IT assets and office devices. We offer purchase of your electronics if they have significant value and help you avoid the typical hassles and inconveniences of disposing outdated or surplus computer equipment.

By choosing us, you not only get competitive quotes on your decommissioned assets, but you also get complete regulatory adherence, total destruction of your data, and comprehensive support throughout the process. 

We are the perfect solution for those upgrading their electronics, relocating, merging, or acquiring another competitor. Virtually anyone in any part of the business cycle that needs to liquidate outdated or unnecessary technology.